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Back issues of PDAA Today, PDAA’s quarterly print newsletter are now online and available for download.

Fulbright at 75: What role should the Fulbright Program play in fostering human rights and social justice?

As it turns 75, the internationally esteemed Fulbright Program faces a number of critical global challenges including those related to human security. Among the issues are accelerating climate change, unprepared public health systems, threats to civil society and democratic governance by corrupt and authoritarian regimes, communication technologies that mislead as well as clarify.

Underlying these […]

Fulbright at 75: Recollections from our members

Public Diplomacy Officers, previously in the United States Information Agency and since 1999 in the U.S. Department of State, administer America’s premier academic exchange program, the Fulbright Program. Overseas, Public Diplomacy sections and bi-national commissions help recruit and administer the exchanges. We asked some of the members of the Public Diplomacy Association of America to […]

A Tribute to Michael Anderson

by Charles Silver

Michael H. AndersonPhoto courtesy of Alan Kotok

I first met Mike Anderson on an airplane flying from Los Angeles to Hilo, Hawaii, to begin my training as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malaysia. It was a large group of over 150 recruits and I was sharing a seat with a […]